Interview questions and how to deal with them

Speaker: Rona McGeoch
15. Juni 2021 // 10:0012:00

Interviews can be nerve-wracking situations, especially when they take place in a language which is not your mother tongue, since you are forced to react spontaneously in that language. A real interview situation for an interesting position is not the best place to gather your first experience in dealing with interview questions in English, and this workshop offers students the opportunity to try things out in a “safe” environment. The workshop will discuss how students can prepare themselves well for interview situations. Students will practise preparing answers for common interview questions and can bring along any questions they have encountered and would like to discuss. The workshop will also deal with making the most of behavioural questions, using the STAR approach, strong action words, and demonstrating the all-important transferable skills. We will also practice dealing with questions that target negative events, poor grades etc. with a view to finding the positives in negative experience.

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