Career Day 2023

CareerDay – Business Meets Science

Seize Your Career Opportunities

– The CareerDay 2024 takes place on June 18 at Lange Gasse 20, Nuremberg –

The CareerDay is an annual information day on the topics of job application and career entry, aimed at students and recent graduates of WiSo.

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The offerings at CareerDay are very diverse: At the business fair, students can get in touch with exciting partner companies and exchange information about a possible career entry or further career opportunities. The JobWall provides information about current job openings. The Career Lounges offer students the opportunity to network one-on-one with recruiters of selected companies and develop career paths. Interesting and versatile lectures and workshops enable students to gather information and get in touch with the lecturing experts and coaches. Furthermore, CV checks and a photo shoot for professional application photos are offered.

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